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Quality professional care in a lively homely environment.The Lawns is run as a family concern by Mother and Daughter, Pat and Anna Carrier, who are both Nurses. Pat started “The Lawns” in 1981, Anna has been the Registered Manager at “The Lawns” since 2000.The LawnsWe are primarily concerned that our residents should receive the best and most expert care whilst living their lives in a relaxed and natural manner that enhances their lives and ensures that they are as comfortable as they can be.Whilst we pride ourselves that the care they receive is of the highest possible standard we are always aware that this should be given in the way that suits that individual person the best. To this end we hold regular residents meetings which allow residents choice and involvement. Clients are involved in the recruitment, induction and reviewing of staff. We place clients at the heart of our home by taking account of their views and experiences. The LawnsWe provide nursing & residential care with Registered Nurses on duty 24 hours a day. People may come to us because they need long term care or respite. To ensure that our clients & care homes are part of the community we have a Day Centre which is attended by both people who live with us & clients who live at home. We look after people with specialised health needs, people with physical or learning disabilities or neurological conditions of all ages. Our clients range in age from 18 to 100 years of age. The LawnsWe know that we have achieved our aim when clients make the move from being in a home to being at home. The Lawns was built in the 1770's and remains a pleasant family house situated in half an acre of attractively landscaped gardens on the outskirts of Gloucester. It is readily accessible to Gloucester by public transport and is within easy walking distance of the Severn Vale shopping centre with its Library. View the Statement of Purpose for the Lawns