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The Lawns Day Centre

The Lawns day centre opens each week day from 9.30am to 4pm. The day centre offers 9 places for day care places for the local community and 9 places for residents of The Lawns. We have a mini bus to pick up local day care clients.

Each morning we offer various art/craft activities as well as mental stimulation in the form of quizes, crosswords, word games or discussions.Tea and Coffee is served during the morning. A choice of 2 hot meals is offered at lunchtime and tea and coffee served at 3pm before the mini bus leaves at 3.30pm.

During the afternoon we have a group activity. We have various floor games i.e. giant sized games of snakes and ladders, car race, horse race, frog race etc. All these games simply involve throwing a dice to see who can be the first to the finish. We have other group activities such as bingo, skittles, sing songs and fun time exercises. Once a month we have an informal church service led by the local Baptist Church.

All these activities take place in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.