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Rated by CQC as GOOD!

We are delighted to announce that our rating remains as good. We were inspected over two days and were delighted with the feedback about the care given by the clients, relatives and members of the team. As always there is a plan to move forwards and keep improving.

Our efforts to show our responsiveness by reflecting the changes within the care plans were not appreciated. So we are amending our care planning systems to reflect this feedback. We enjoy the inspection process and feel that it is essential to have an objective assessment on a regular basis.

We had been waiting for this for some time, so are very pleased with the results. None of this is possible without the hard work of all the team, whose average 'length of employment' is now 9.2 years! So we offer them a heartfelt thank you!

Most of all we thank the clients, families and healthcare professionals for their lovely feedback, it is much appreciated - you are why we are here.

Rated by CQC as GOOD!


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